Have you ever seen anyone look too good even though he/she is stuck in a bad situation. If you haven’t then here we have 14 pictures that you will love to see. Read the article and enjoy!

1. Very sticky situations.

It doesn’t matter if they’re posing naturally or in the middle of some very sticky situations, you still look too good.

2. “How YOU doin’?”

One of the things with people this good looking and photogenic is that you can never tell if they’re posing or not, like this guy, candid to perfection!

3. Up and away

She’s smiling when she’s airborne, and she’s smiling when she’s face down in dirt, that kinda attitude you need!

4. Try holding an eagle like it ain’t no thang…

A normal person wouldn’t be this happy holding such a huge eagle in the hand.

5. Piece of cake!

This just adds insult to injury for the guy getting pinned by the dude who’s smiling for the cameras. Nxt level of being cool!

6. Stay positive.

Even if you’re racing through flaming obstacles, don’t ever stop having a good time.

7. Sure, she’s smiling or maybe she is confident that she is gonna win!

8. Love in the good times AND the bad ones.

9. “Hey guys! Drinks after?”

10. I’am relaxed even when in pain!

Too cool to be fighting!!

11. This guy couldn’t be happier!

12. Splash Mountain.

When you know it is your moment and you are the man of this moment!

13. Photographer got the perfect shot he wanted.

14. He’s happy to be there!