“Why do British people put a plastic tub in the kitchen sink?”

1. When the idea of washing machines in kitchens was just super strange.

Hell, I’ll put a washing machine anywhere as long as it’s in my apartment!

2. When they questioned our fine food.


But it looks delicious!

3. When they stumbled upon the British legend Mr Blobby.


You go Mr.Blobby! Now I am having Nightmares…

4. When they couldn’t grasp the concept of an egg cup.

My dude, you seriously don’t understand the idea of a regular plate…

5. When they didn’t know why we use washing-up bowls.

So they’re to stop crockery breaking in the sink?

6. When our lack of tipping was exposed.


It’s because they are paid the minimum wage or higher. There is only one minimum wage-moreover tips are split between all staff inc cooks. Ohhh..!

7. When our greatest invention, train wine, was discovered.

Hehe ! For 10 yrs I’ve been saying this should be done! England is coming up with ways 2 make this world a better place.

8. When our orange juice came with juicy bits.



Guys! In England, they don’t have pulp! They have “Juicy Bits”. Well yeah… Why’d you called it anything but “bits”?

9. When our two-tap system was a mystery.


We can say “A comfort zone!”

10. When our puddings weren’t puddings.


Not so bad !

11.When they had questions about our tea-drinking habits.


All tea lover can make a plan like this.

12. And when they picked up on our overuse of the letter X.

Really, What is that X?

13. When they wanted to learn more about our TV channels.


It’s very hard to remember all the channels and shows! Smarty !

14. When the “cheeky Nando’s” meme had all of America scratching their heads.



Cheeky Nandos? Really !