If your mom is a really funny person then you have to read this article. Read the article you will know why!

1.This mom who wanted her child to practice moderation.

2.This mom who is all of us, basically.

3.And this mom who is also all of us.

4.This Snapchat friendly mom.

5.You never wanna argue with your mom now!

6. When mom tries her hand in puns!

7. When mom tries to bribe your hunger with love.

8. When mom is frustrated.

9. When mom just wants to be left alone.

10. When mom is a badass AF.

11. Never tell mommy she has a drinking problem.

12. This mom who knows EXACTLY the kind of encouragement you need.

13. When mom makes getting grounded even worse.

14. And this mom whom we all need to be friends with immediately.