15 Most Iconic Red Carpet Looks At The Grammys Till Date

Everytime female celebs kill red carpet with their perfect outfits and amazing looks. Throughout the years, we saw a some of the best design fashion statements made by the celebs, and we as a whole are expecting nothing not as much as that this year as well. But, for now, we can backpedal in time and look at the absolute most dazzling red carpets Grammys outfit.

9. Lady Gaga


Simply the time when Lady Gaga reminded the world that she could wear any dress and turn it to look amazing.

10. Adele


We know how Adele likes to go for great dresses classic at the award shows and seeing her in the flower dress with matching shoes was not at all shocking.


11. Jennifer Lopez


Another Jennifer Lopez look, which is viewed as the best Grammy look ever. And, for what reason not? The sheer Versace dress looked an attached part of J-Lo.

12. Solange Knowles


Everybody was shocked when Beyonce’s sister walked out on a red carpet of Grammys in the metallic Gucci outfit. Click on the next page to read more.