15 Rare Fruits You’d Love To Taste After Seeing Them

After knowing about these 15 rare fruits, you'll say 'WOW.' And more than this, your tongue will flicker to taste them once. For now, just have a look at them.



Akebia is local to Korea, China, and Japan. Its leaves have a gentle chocolate smell because of which it is likewise called chocolate vine.



The fruit somewhat looks like ice-cream. Its cream melts in your mouth easily. But be careful, its seeds are poisonous. The fruit is thought to be native to Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia from where it was transported to the Andes and Central America.




Sapodilla is generally known as Chikoo.This fruit is local to southern Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. Ensure that you remove seeds before eating, else they will adhere to your throat.

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