The idea of washing machines

When the idea of washing machines in kitchens was just super strange.

Our desserts

Wtf is wrong with Britain.

Seeing Mr.Blobby for the first time


NIGHTMARES. When they stumbled upon the British legend Mr. Blobby. Continue reading on Next Page

When you can’t understand concept of an egg cup

We store them in tubs that hold a dozen but have soft boiled eggs in little cups and dip little bits of toast in the yolk.

When they didn’t know why we use washing up bowls

So that they can run water as well and rinse off the soap.

When our lack of tipping was exposed


“why are you giving me this”

When the cheeky Nando’s meme had all of America scratching their heads


This is what I was trying to send someone. What the hell this means?

When our greatest invention, train wine, was discovered

You can buy wine by the (plastic) glass in England convenience stores.

When our orange juice came with juicy bits


In England, they don’t have pulp! They have “Juicy Bits”…

When our two-tap system was a mystery


One for hot water and one for cold. what is this wizardry.

When they had questions about our tea-drinking habits


British Selection.

When “fanny” meant something completely different


“Bum bags”