Hahahaha oh u f#cker !

“am on the raj no the Winter Olympics hahahahahahahahahaha oh u fucker. gone”

This is why I don’t delete Facebook

“I’ve slept in bud when u up i can still make it was up with the wean”

Scotland with ye…

“she kept pinching the skin to see if anaesthetic was working”

hahahahahahahaha a ken now, mccue


Gonnae gave to decline this boy due to the fact his hoose seems to get egged on a regular basis

Best thing av ever read


“I’ll pay dad since I’ve put a couple loads in u if ye want babe “

Bet yae dont

Roll on tomorrow man.

Probally washed it way lenor then?

“Fuck knows what ma mum washed ma work stuff wae a smell like a fucking bottle of lenor



“Needs to be sold within the next half an hour we need the money to go out and whoever buys it can drop us off down Krikcaldy quick first viewer will buy.”

Spot on


Do a Scottish Facebook One


Barcelona no 1 fan!!


The guy gets 0/10 for his mucker talk anyway. “wains”

Boy across the road fae me tried to swap his dug for a bmx

Once tried to get ‘bevy on tick’ aff me

Great idea doll

‘Job well done to me’ listen tae the cow, mate she hinks its well smart.


My nan could conquer the Scottish Premiership.

Still ma favourite fb status in the whole world

“So if a am ever asked that question in eh future all say salt n vinegar DEFO xxxx”