16 Definite Tweets That All College Student Will Agree With

A college is a place you want to get out of very badly and when you do you sure miss it as AF! The struggle and fun we go through in college are quite notable and when the reality hits hard you wish you were back to the place you once dreaded. Here is a list of ultimate memes that all college students will surely agree with.



The biggest question anyone has related to college is “how does the time pass by?” Yesterday you were given an essay title and the day for the submission is finally here.




We know the pain of managing multiple social media accounts at the same time and hope for a miracle to take place on its own. Spoiler alert: It doesn’t.



When grownups sum up their college life for you. Do take advice. This one’s savage though.



The first 3 weeks of the college are the best time of the life you get to do anything you want and then college starts F***ing with you with things like 200 pages to read 3 quizzes 2 paper within 48 hrs and lot more. Stay tuned to read more on next page…