Childhood, A period when everything is new and firsts happen each day. A period when you learn good things from bad things. A period when your mum-dad are either madly glad for you or dread for your life every step of the way.

1. This baby is now accomplishing the greater part of my life objectives.

To have a handbag exclusively for Cheetos is the main way I wanna carry on with my life. The idea and thought that went into this are more than the idea and arranging I’ve put into my own adult life.

2. This is the new zenith of relaxation.

I thought to create your own comfort zone, is a royalty. But I was wrong. I was so, so wrong. This is called self-pampering. Eating in the bath also makes clean-up a breeze.

3. He’s going to be A very big businessman

Lemonade stands are for nuts and bolts no more! Get rid of your lukewarm, hand-crushed lemon, undissolved sugar drinks, and view — a transformation!

I cherish that this family had such a variety of Mike’s Hard Lemonades around to motivate this kid’s business wander. And, the arrangement he’d be offering those coolers at, goodness — it’d be a small amount of the cost of a bar!

4. Whats wrong with this kid.

Why man why, What kind of school gives kids kitchenware to play ?

5. He is next Vin Diesel.


I can only imagine how this conversation went down,”Look, kid, I don’t make the rules — you do the crime, you gotta do the time.” *boy drives away sadly in Mustang*

6. You say Sorry first.


You can call it ultimate Sorry. I would love to know the specific circumstance and who this statement of regret was implied for. This child has nerves of taking and I hella bolster it. They’re likewise exhibiting that they’re going to go for the jugular in each life circumstance and that I can value a bar!

7. Funny as A Hell


Let us say, they’re not wrong. Why should we say this youngster isn’t right and we’re wrong? A six is not wavy, it’s simply not. An eight has them currrves, tho!

8. My life is full of flaws, Help me God !

Life isn’t all peaches and cream, rainbows and butterflies. We all can relate to the fact that sometimes, it can all feel like too much. This kid teaches us there is no shame in admitting when we need help and when all the boxes need to be checked.

9. This girl is A Pro, And A Multitasker.


Peep this tiny diva in the making. Her baby hair in rollers makes my heart melt. You just know she’ll grow up to have her contour on fleek. #

10. A new badass SUPERSTAR in town.


And we, as adults, have the audacity to complain about our mattresses, pillow covers, and sleep temperatures. We should just lay down whenever we want to go for sleep! The sleep marks on his face when he wakes up will be gnarly, though.

11. I am shocked .


The ruthlessness Catherine has shown in this letter is enough to chill me to the bone. The scratched-out letters have me wondering, who was it for? What does it all mean?

12. Oh, my my!


I don’t know what I love more; the student’s answer or the teacher’s comment. The teacher used a wink and a smiley face! This kid was on the verge of a self-discovery and he was stifled! Justice for big butts!

13. We need A Break(4Ever)!


You tell me you didn’t fantasize about this kind of revolt when you were a child. If we can’t get a snow day, we’ll make our own, damn it! The teamwork demonstrated is enough to warm anyone’s heart. Well, maybe not the teacher’s, but like…everyone else’s, for sure.

14. Oral health is something you don’t mess around with.


Clean teeth need to be obtained, at all costs. Also, is anyone else cringing for the poor parent who has to scrap the toothpaste off the sink? That stuff turns into cement after literally 30 minutes.

15. Murder and Costco, a match made in heaven.


Excuse me, *merder.

16. Keep your priorities straight.


Good to know that kids have been obsessed with their electronics through multiple generations. See guys, we’re not total garbage people.

At least he’s got his life jacket on.