16 Hilarious Kids Who Made Us Learn Something New Every Day

Childhood, A period when everything is new and firsts happen each day. A period when you learn good things from bad things. A period when your mum-dad are either madly glad for you or dread for your life every step of the way.

13. We need A Break(4Ever)!


You tell me you didn’t fantasize about this kind of revolt when you were a child. If we can’t get a snow day, we’ll make our own, damn it! The teamwork demonstrated is enough to warm anyone’s heart. Well, maybe not the teacher’s, but like…everyone else’s, for sure.

14. Oral health is something you don’t mess around with.


Clean teeth need to be obtained, at all costs. Also, is anyone else cringing for the poor parent who has to scrap the toothpaste off the sink? That stuff turns into cement after literally 30 minutes.