Indians have always been unique and creative in copying things they don’t have. Here we have 16 pictures that give the perfect example of hilarious moments when Indians almost got it right. Read the article to see these hilarious pictures.

1. Everyone fails, yet we still try!

2. I’am sure that’s not what it means.

3. Common!! Danm that was soo close!

4. And sometimes, we’re a great dicetence away.

5. It came out wrong!

6. I’am sure he means well!

7.We’re sorry if we’ve ever been misleading.

8. True proFessinals false advertising.

9. Everyone’s porn to the occasional mistake.

10. We’re just trying to keep things child out over here.

11. Take things in good humour, not literally.

12. Relax and treat yourself to some good old exported Italy samber.

13. Because life can sometimes be hard and difficult to understand.

14. It can be a real battle sometimes.

15. Like a jig jagging maze.

16. Okay, no. No. This is just to original!