For all the fans of the famous and the most hilarious sitcom ‘Friends’ here is an opportunity for you to know some really interesting facts about the show that you had no idea about. Read the article to know what these facts are.

1. Did you know that everything in the opening credits is fake?

We all remember the title video song for Friends, were not shot in Central Park or, at worst, in Gramercy Park. The entire opening credits were shot at Warner Bros studio, which means that none of it was real at all.

2. They all went to Vegas together BEFORE the show aired.

You will be surprised to know that when the six-some were just starting out before the show actually aired, they went on a quick mini break together to Vegas. Apparently, director James Burrows had a feeling about the show so treated them.

3. Everyone thought Chandler was gay.

In the series it was often showed that Chandler was gay! and it was not just in the show, when Lisa Kudrow first read the script, she assumed that the character was gay too. Well who would blame her!

4. Did you know that Ursula Buffay existed WAY before Friends did?

If you can remember Phoebe’s horrid twin sister Ursula, she wasn’t only on Friends. In fact, they basically stole the character from Mad About You.

5. Did you know that Bruce Willis NEVER got paid for being on the show!

Bruce Willis never got a fee for that role. Apparently it is rumored that he lost a bet with Matthew Perry and this was what he had to do. Instead, his fee went to charity.

6. Did you know that Matthew Perry had an addiction problem?

While Friends was being filmed, there was some real drama going on off the set. In fact, Matthew Perry had a serious addiction to both prescription drugs and alcohol, it is hard to believe but it’s so true.

7. Jennifer Aniston nearly didn’t do the last series. Do you know why?

Apparently, Jennifer was not 100% sure that she wanted to do the last season.

8. You can have a cup of coffee in Central Perk.

The cafe from the show has inspired a whole host of other cafes that you can now visit. There is no Central Perk in New York, shocking as it sounds.

9. Ellen DeGeneres could have been Phoebe. What really? Thank God NO!!

It would be so difficult to imagine ow the show would have been if Ellen had played Phoebe. It actually almost happened, because she was offered the role, but eventually turned it down.

10. You wouldn’t know this fact that Joey and Monica were almost a thing.

Apparently, when the writers first started the show, it was Joey and Monica that were meant to have an epic, season-spanning love story. They changed their minds when they saw Jennifer and David had chemistry.

11. Did you know that Courteney Cox’s pregnancy was hidden during the show?

In the last series, Courteney was pregnant. When Lisa Kudrow was pregnant, they wrote in a story line for her, but they couldn’t do this with Courteney since they had already said that Monica could not have kids.

12. You will be shocked to know for a fact that none of the Friends episodes was filmed in New York.

The fact that the show was set in New York, none of it was filmed there. Most of the scenes took place in California and at various other locations.

13. Jennifer Aniston didn’t like Reese Witherspoon, frankly no one did!

When Reece Witherspoon played Rachel’s annoying sister on the show, rumour has it, that she was actually signed up for six episodes of the show.

14. Joey was meant to be a clever clog. Can you imagine him like that!?

When the writers wrote the character of Joey, he was actually meant to be quite a smart guy… It was Matt LeBlanc who suggested that Joey should be dumb.

15. NBC thought Central Perk was too trendy.

NBC didn’t initially take to the idea of it being based in a coffee shop. They suggested that the gang should hang out at a diner. Good thing they didn’t!

16. That is the rarest fact no person ever knew about, Courteney Cox was the first person to say ‘period’ on US TV.

Courtney before she was Monica, she was in loads of adverts… just waiting for her big break. In fact, she was in a rather special Tampax advert that will go down in history.