19 Hilarious Graduation Cards Ever Made By The Witty Parents……

Graduation happens to be one of the best events of an individual's Life; It defines that you have stood with something bigger than the High-School. However, some Parents offer an alternative way than a formal way to address the Graduation ceremony of their Child. Here are 19 Parents who made their way out with the funniest Graduation Cards for their Child. See all the 19 hilarious Graduation Cards...........

Below are the 19 Graduation Cards, which might have either Embarrassed their ward or made them cheer up with happiness!

Umm…..this went for a Foodie child!

Who doesn’t love Pizza? But, Isn’t this ONE exceptional Pizza more than enough to buy a number of PIZZAS? The Child has got a sheer-luck indeed!

A mammoth Billboard, Did that make the ward feel embarrassed?


Expressing happiness!! The parents seem to have went an extra mile in order to express happiness!

Cope up with this child!!

Eyes closed? Didn’t that go pretty far?


Need Cash??? Well, here I’ve got you this!! Enough??

Congratulations!! Is that enough for tonight celebration?? The parents seemed to have made a planned Prank!!

Oops!! Did this Cupcake go too far?

Need a Cupcake? Celebrations? Here, I give it to you. Need more? Parents must be a prankster!

A stream of emotions!!

20 dollars for Graduation Ceremony! No crying child!

Open at your own risk of ending happiness!

Enough motivation for you, Mr.Graduate!

The regenerated card!

Didn’t the Parents go too far in terms of Saving Paper? Trolled badly!!


High Graphics that’s what I meant with the Card!

This is way awesome, couldn’t be a better card for a Graphic Designer Graduate! Did we mention in terms of trolling?

Why it has to be Money always?


Haha…..$40 for you Child! And, congratulations for being Graduate!

Is there Something missing in this?

Isn’t the Cat misplaced instead of a Hat? Sad story!! Still a handmade suits better, isn’t it!


Grandma seems to be in little doubt!

“Andrew”, If, I’m not wrong! Grandma seems to have been little confused with the name!

Job for rest of your life, until you retire certainly!

Is it the second innings of the life? Maybe that’s what the Card meant!

How about trying it algorithmic way?

Pleasent card for the Graduate in Programming, May rest equation of your life be working with any further LOOPS!

On one condition though!

Did graduation mean responsibility? I am running way sooner than expected!!

Censored treat!

Is the middle name missing? Well, there is no shame in putting, Summa Cum Laude!

Sarcasm at its peak!

Hahaha……Sarcasm at its best! Sarcastic Parents!

Troublesome to Me!

Enough to send a shiver down the spine?

Big Cheque!

“A big cheque for you My boy,” $4 to you! Cheers!