No one likes to be fried zoned in life, isn’t it? It’s really heart breaking to know such a thing even exists. Read the article to know how people who get friend zoned feel.

1. Being friends is better than nothing?

This must have hurt a lot dude! You can feel this dudes pain!

2. When you know you are being used but can do anything about it!

When makeup is more important than you!

3. Ouch.

This girl is clearly aware of what’s going on and isn’t budging an inch.

4. “Bestie”

Ouch!! Some people just don’t know when to stop!!

5. He sure is!

You know that if she was interested, she wouldn’t be putting him in the public like that!

6. Not the hashtag!

Oh damn! Why don’t you add a ‘#kill me’ tag with that ‘#bestie’ tag!? Seriously!!

7. Oh damn!

“He’s not a boyfriend, and he never will be. Here’s Anthony, guys!” Sorry dude!

8. “Broski”

9. That’s not what he was looking for!

10. No entry!

11. She admits it.

12. Another brother goes lays down his life in the friendzone!

13. Not the title he was looking for!

14. They’re texting. Why does he still need her number?

15. When something like this happens to you! You are bound to cry!

If you’re going to be friend zoned, don’t spoil her with stuff! That’s a whole different type of indignity.

17. I’m not gonna count the number of times…

18. Life can be colorful yet you are depressed in life!

Easiest way to get friend zoned by not just one girl but three of them!

19. In other words…

“Guys, don’t let this pic discourage you from hitting on me. He means nothing!”

20. Haha. Vulgar, but…

…at least he’s standing up for himself. Granted, the language is a little harsh, but he’s got feelings, ya know?