20 Times People Don’t Understand Hangover

There is one thing called being drunk up to the brim and another one is most popularly known as Hangover. Usually takes place in species who attempt a full throat drunk marathon. Well not everyone is lucky enough to get a hangover. You hear me right LUCKY! because these lucky folks have got stories to tell the world of their achievements and it really makes our day. Here are a few things only people who had a hangover will understand.



It’s really a mystery when someone wakes fine after a drinking too much alcohol and it is really a mystery that they don’t get a hangover.




Waking after drinking too much of alcohol and having a hangover or no hangover is not the question it’s actually “mild hangover or a wildly debilitating hangover?



Waking after a drunken night out is completely ok it’s either a miracle or you did not drink too much. Their no such thing as “I don’t get a hangover.”



The worst thing that can happen to anyone is forgetting to turn off an alarm after drinking too much alcohol. That movement when the alarm goes off in when you have a massive hangover. Stay tuned to read more hangover instances on next page…