If you think Scots are not that funny? You are are gonna be in a hell lot of surprise! These 21 times when Scots were hilarious as shit will make you cry tears of laughter. Read the article to know more.

1. Jeremy Clarkson caught candid and funny!

2. When you are a true Celtic supporter and you open your garden to the masses.

3. What’s Frankie Boyle doin?

4. Cheeky phone thief!

5. Paul trolled his ex and Tesco at the same time.

6. Sam decided to teach this guy “Scottish”.

7. Darren know how to ruin his cousins birthday.

8. Seriously!

9. What is that!?

10. Kyle’s mum was extremely unhelpful.

11. How to piss maw off!

12. Costumes taken too seriously!

13. Citizens of Troon rose up to troll Alison.

14. When Billy Connolly wasn’t afraid to be cheeky about his home town (because he’s allowed to, basically).

15. The dirty dad joke!

16. When Andy Murray faced with stupid draft questions.

17. When Darren “burned” Greggs.

18. When this mum trolled all the neighbourhood kids at once.

19. When Scud came to regret his joke about a Mars bar.

20. And when James regretted asking his pal for a loan.

21. And, of course, when the Sunday Herald decided to troll the fuck out of Donald “President Elect” Trump.