There is always something special about elections which gives some people a reason to smile (or laugh them arsee off!). Here we have 21 tweets about elections that will make you regardless of everything going around you! Read the article to know what these tweets have to say.

1. Test of patience.

2. When you actually have good option to choose, like this one!

3. Prime Minister Basshunter!?? Elections might go to a whole new level.

4. This guy has got some dark imagination.

5. Awareness done well!

6. A government and the country in chaos and confusion indeed!

7. Theresa May goes to McDonald’s.

8. Tim Farron a ninja!?? Seriously?? LOL

9. Fox hunting? What does it have to do with elections!?

10. You what you are if you don’t vote it General elections!

11. When a poster battle for election takes a rough turn in Helensburgh.

12. When people ask you questions, which you don’t have an answer to.

13. Now you know who’s at your doorstep to ask for votes!?

14. Finally someone speaks up!

15. When someone takes elections too seriously!

16. Someone really hates Theresa May!

17. Pensioner thug life!

18. That’s a wild relation.

19. They sure will. And we will just have to take it back the hard way.

20. A two face indeed.

21. Who is calling average British punter!?