24 People Who Don’t Give A Damn Anymore

It’s easy to say you don’t care, but more difficult to actually prove it. As human nature is bound to be reactive to what people in the society have to say about you. However, sometimes it’s just that you are so frustrated you decide to leave all the worry and problems aside. Here is a list of people who rightfully describe that you should stop fussing over small things in life and just like a boss don’t give a damn about what other’s say.

24. Why Spend On Going To The Beach?


This called being a pro when you have to just chill and that’s literally the only thing on your mind. No one can stop you once you made up your mind.

23. Be your own boss



No one gives you a seat on the train? Not to worry carry your own seat and make sure you don’t share it.

22. This kid dressed up as his mom at school and tried to get his phone back:


This is really hilarious and also proves that the kid is going places in future. He deosn’t want to bother his parents for such silly issues. This kid can handle his own mess.

21. He turned the key. Quite literally.


Is this meant to multipurpose or you just want to prove your point that no key can break the door open? Either way, you might be mistaken dude. Turn next for more.