24 Photos That Prove Australia Is Not Just A Country But A World On Its Own

When the name Australia pops up, what first comes to our mind is kangaroos. Australia is full of snakes, sharks bugs and what not. None the less the weather is a major highlight here. The Aussie world is so significantly greater. Here is a list of some intriguing realities existence in Australia, and the pictures will amaze you.

#24 Roos In The Front Yard


It is not unusual for an Aussie to enjoy the company of wallabies or kangaroos. There is plenty of land and sunshine for everybody. On the other hand, every Australian is aware that kangaroos, wallabies, and koalas have huge claws, so it’s a good idea to keep some distance from them.

#23 Driving In Summer



The climate in Australia is so hot in summer that you can not drive a car without wearing an oven glove.

#22 Voting



Australia is one such country where voting is compulsory, and if you don’t vote then you have to bear the fine. Hence the result.

#21 Nature


It may look pretty and peaceful, but keep in mind that thousands of different creatures here will try to kill or at least harm you. However, most of these creatures are very rare, live in isolated areas, and usually run away from you way before you even spot them.