24 Proven Ways To Annoy New Yorkers If At All You Are Planning To

One thing people find funny is annoying someone without any reason and for that, there can be many ways. Annoying can be done in many ways like changing Oreo cream with toothpaste etc. Here are some of the funny and irritating ways you can annoy someone in NewYork City.



At the point when people simply stop in the middle of the road to take a look at their phone and have no attention to any other person around them is one way, you can annoy someone in New York.




Discovering your metro is under development for the entire week and feeling stranded in your neighborhood that how a city subway can annoy you.



The Flat in NYC is so small and costly even after paying an astronomical amount of rent, which doesn’t even come with basic-ass amenities.



Wearing a headphone is a clear indication of letting people know you are not in the mood to talk or chat with anyone and still somebody approaches you for directions. Stay tuned to view more on next page…