25 Truely Clever Logos With Hidden Meanings Which You Didn’t Know Off

It's no secret that companies try to trick us all of the time, whether it’s with “new and improved” claims or just bright, shiny packaging. But there are also more subliminal — and clever — ways that they go about hoping to win your brand loyalty.

4. Formula 1


via: Wikipedia

Look over this racing logo and you’ll see the empty space in the middle creates a number “1″ for “Formula 1.″

5. The Pittsburgh Zoo


via: Twisted Sifter

The void area in this logo flies out and uncovers a gorilla and a lion gazing each other down. While the chimp is a huge mammoth, my money would even now be on the lion. He is leader of the wild, things being what they are.

6. Amazon

via: Amazon

Is the Amazon logo grinning, as well as a bolt beginning at the “an” and finishing on the “z” to show that Amazon has everything from start to finish that you don’t require yet will purchase so you sufficiently spent to fit the bill with the expectation of complimentary delivery.