25 Truely Clever Logos With Hidden Meanings Which You Didn’t Know Off

It's no secret that companies try to trick us all of the time, whether it’s with “new and improved” claims or just bright, shiny packaging. But there are also more subliminal — and clever — ways that they go about hoping to win your brand loyalty.

16. Unilever


via: Wikimedia

Unilever produces about a gazillion products, which makes it hard to keep track of everything they do.

Lucky for us, there are symbols for nearly everything they make right in their logo.

17. Pinterest


via: Pinterest

Considering the point (pun fully intended) of Pinterest is for clients to “pin” things like tasks and formulas they’ll never make to virtual sheets, it bodes well that the logo consolidates a stick into the letter “P.”

18. Northwest Airlines


via: Blogspot


This logo really has two concealed messages. Initially, it highlights a N and a W in negative spaces. Second, the triangle in the circle focuses northwest as though it’s a compass.