A family of five which was soon going to turn into 6. It did, but an unfortunate event of death just after five days made the family count back to five. The male head of Aulger family, who was a father to four kids and another one on its way, was suffering from Cancer. Read the article to know what happened next.

1. Induced labor

Mark was diagnosed with the lung disease and was told that he doesn’t have much long to live, Diane decided to induce labor two weeks before the normal due date, just so that the daughter they were going to have is able to see his father’s face.

2. Christmas

The doctors told Mark that he has now fully recovered from cancer. But, days after on January 3 when he was unable to breathe, he walked into the hospital for a checkup. Though he had won over Cancer, there was something deadlier waiting for Mark to witness.

3. Pulmonary Fibrosis diagnosed

Mark had undergone chemotherapy for eight months, and that affected his lungs adversely. Pulmonary Fibrosis meant that his lungs were scarred which made it difficult for him to breathe.Yet the family held on to positivity and thought that steroids would turn out to be a great help to him.

4. Hope.

The Aulger’s thought that with the help of steroids he’d be able to live much longer. Sadly, he couldn’t buy time even with the aid of steroids.

5. One week left

Doctors told 52-year-old Mark that he only had a week more to live, on January 16.

6. Diane’s pregnancy

“He would talk to my stomach when I was pregnant, He was so excited for her.” said Diane Aulger according to ABC News. In Diane’s words, the coming child was going to be ‘the ray of sunshine in our sorrow’.

7. Savannah’s birth

The decision was taken and on January 18 their beautiful daughter Savannah was born. The mother’s wish had finally come true but what followed was never desired by her or the family.

8. 45 minutes of eternal bliss

Mark was the first one to hold the new-born. Diane recalled, “He held her for 45 minutes. Him and I just cried that whole time.”

9. Followed by Coma

The next day, Mark couldn’t hold on to life for much longer. He could only hold his daughternfor a minute and passed into a coma.

10. Doubt of a 10-year-old

Of the four kids, one of them asked their mother, “Is Dad asleep?” to which Diane couldn’t think of much to say and replied, “No, he’s in a coma”.

11. The scream of an 8-year-old

The mother was asked another question, “Is he going to make it?” by the 8-year-old. After listening to NO as mother’s reply, the poor kid could do nothing but shouted: “I’m not going to have a daddy.”

12. Before dying

Mark was still partially aware of what’s going around and as Diane says that Mark would shake his head and moan, on her cries. The entire Aulger family was there surrounding the hospital bed. And, before Mr. Aulger’s death, the new born Savannah was kept in his arms. “His heart rate started to drop and his breathing started to drop, so I put her in his arms and held his hand until he died. It was like his lungs were soaked in concrete. They couldn’t inhale, they couldn’t pass oxygen to the rest of his body. So he in essence suffocated to death.” Said Mrs. Aulger