Everybody wants perfect skin. And there are many methods to get rid of acne. But every method is not correct especially for sensitive skin, Few easy-fix methods have the opposite effect and can actually make your skin worse. We have listed some of the myths about acne and acne-solutions that have been debunked.

1. The way you eat and what you eat doesn’t affect the spread of acne


There is an old myth that says that there is no connection between your eating routine and acne however science has exposed this thought. Products with a high glycemic record and the hormones that are contained in milk can cause acne and obstruct your pores.

2. Smoking causes acne


There are a plenty of health dangers related with smoking like cancer and lung infection, yet causing acne is not one of them. Smoking does slow down skin recovery, which makes acne to heal slowly. It does not, however, cause acne.

3. Makeup/cosmetics cause acne


This is not a complete truth. Not all beauty products are harmful to your skin. Always buy a marked as noncomedogenic as they are influenced particularly for a problem skin. And keep away from all products containing alcohols and oils as they cause dryness and will obstruct your pores.

4. Tanning helps clear acne


This is a harmful myth. UV rays can really cause the development of more acne. If you are suffering because of acne, avoid tanning for few days. If you are in the sun, apply sunscreen to shield your skin from the rays and your acne possibly spreading.

5. Stress causes acne


This is also a misguided judgment. Stress can’t make new pimples. It might stop the healing for pimples that are now present all over.

6. Washing your face often will clear up acne


Acne and blackheads block the pores on your skin, and cleaning and washing your face can unblock the pores. But too much washing and cleaning can lead to irritation and cause your acne to worsen. Use a sulfate-free cleanser to avoid irritating your skin and pat-dry your face afterward.

7. Toothpaste helps get rid of acne


Toothpaste contains chemicals that cause mild burns which can certainly dry acne but may also cause irritation and rashes. Try using benzoyl peroxide-based acne treatments instead. They are developed specifically for acne.

8. Popping zits


Popping zits can forever scar your face by harming infected follicles and along these lines exasperate the aggravation. If you choose to pop your pimples, make a point to clean your hands first and touching your face with unclean hands can exacerbate your skin acne.