8 Amazing Moments From Love & Hip Hop

As you know The Love & Hip Hop franchise is one of the best on reality on TV. Know why? Because Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez and Rich Dollaz and other cast members are just crazy enough to give you chills. That’s basically why. All the moments in this post have taken place during an episode of The Love & Hip Hop.

1.That Candle Fight


When Rasheeda said K. Michelle was lying about her boyfriend beating her up without any reason that’s when they both came to blows. Rasheeda struck her with a candle because of a long time rivalry.

2. Ray J Got Some Skills


Ray J just shocked his girlfriend by calling strippers to a different hotel from the one they were staying in. He’s just too classy.

3. Those Joseline Hernandez Fights


Annoyed By Jessica Dime Piece moved to Atlanta, Joseline Hernandez blew the relation.

4. When Brandi Lied to Princess


Princess was totally shocked when Brandi told her that She and Max used the money which they saved for their son for owning half the store.

5. When Shanda Caught Willie Lying


Shanda just got less impressed when she got to know that Willie was texting his mistress Kyesha. While they were on the go Keysha met these two and Shanda flew across the table.

6. You Can Say Bianca Is A Bird


When Bianca was trying to steal her boyfriend. So the sky decided to throw some break on her because she was acting like a bird. Yes, that was Funny.

7.Joseline Hernandez Never Fails to Throw Drinks


Joseline Hernandez was so upset with Mimi Faust for talking about Stevie J, So she threw a drink at her enemy without even a warning. Being upset can cause some strange reactions.

8. When Wedding Was Called Off By Joseline


Joseline got to know that Stevie J dealing with other females and decided that she was sick of it. She told him the wedding was off and threw a drink at him.