8 Astounding Things People Once Considered Healthy

Over the history of mankind people have been searching for better approaches to be healthy, look better, live more and treat illnesses. The search for health items continues to this day with the newest diet fads and medications. In any case, maybe we totally need an update that most health fads have not been precisely researched, and may not be gone through the treatment all we trusted. Here is a list of things that were first regarded as Healthy turns out they were not.

#8 Shark Cartilage


In 1950’s John Prudden, a surgeon started studying shark cartilage as a medical treatment. According to the doctor, it is possible to reduce a tumour and cure cancers using shark cartilage. His study became more popular in 1992 when a book named ‘Sharks Don’t Get Cancer’ was published. Which is not at all true since there have been over 40 recorded cases of sharks having tumours.

#7 Diet Pills



Several weight-loss drugs have come and gone. In the 2000s manufacturers like Xenadrine and Stacker 2 helped some individual lose weight with some side effect. 2003, an MLB pitcher died of a heart attack during spring training after taking ephedrine. By 2004, the sudden-death side effect of ephedrine was sufficient to get it banned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

#6 Tobacco


Since 15th century, tobacco has been used by the native people of the New World for fatigue, warding off disease, colds, relieving headaches and disinfecting. Turns out according to the WHO, tobacco in all its forms is the major cause of preventable death in the world.

#5 Radium


In 1900’s people believed that radioactive material was actually good for health.Radioactive products were sold such as radioactive water, anti-aging radioactive cosmetics, uranium blankets for arthritis and radium pendants for rheumatism. Later some Scientist found that Radioactive article is actually very bad for health which can cause bone cancer bleeding gums and anemia. Keep reading to find more deadly things taught to be healthy.