There are many habits that we know are terrible for us, while there are numerous which we don’t know are harmful yet they are evil for our bodies. Here, we have recorded 8 such habits that are wreaking destruction on our health. You have to quit following them immediately and make your life more positive, healthier and more joyful. So read the complete article and stay healthy.

1. Drinking less water in the day.


An absence of water in our bodies hampers the digestion system. Least two liters of water is necessary for a adult in a day.

2. Using phone at night.


The news of blindness because of the utilization of mobiles in bed too in a dark background has been doing the rounds for quite a while. It is harmful to your sleep cycle and furthermore hampers your sound rest. So it is fit to keep mobiles under control, while in bed.

3. Lack of sunlight.


The greater part of us leave for our working environments early in the day and return later in the day when the sun is nowhere to be seen. This may make a Vitamin D insufficiency in your body. A little introduction to the sun is vital, for it helps for the absorption of calcium and advancement of bone development.

4. Working on laptops, but not in proper posture.


Sitting in uncomfy positions for long lengths of time and afterward not understanding that it might be harmful, can cause postural issues. Going from back pain to spondylitis, there are critical outcomes of this carelessness. Click on the next page to read more.

5. Relying on pills and no natural therapy.


Taking medicines without consulting a physician for non-life threatening diseases is another commonly found bad habit. Taking such medications for problems like insomnia and anxiety can lower life expectancy, and we are innocent, or rather careless that we do not look into the adverse effects of them. Instead, some natural methods must be deployed.

6. Wearing contact lenses for a long duration of time.


Contact lenses block the contact of a few sections of the eye with oxygen. Doing as such for a long time cause the dryness, this may hamper the vision. Moreso, abuse can make harm the cornea of the eye, so be careful! Click on the next page to read more.

7. Hogging packaged food.


Some of the time our craving beats urge us to keep on whatever is accessible and in a rush, we pig out on all the junk food that our hands can chase for quickly. All the while, we take in more preservatives, which lead to sicknesses over a period.

8. This is a very common practice in the busy schedule.


Often sleeping late in the night and awakening late the next morning and afterward running to work, we miss the essential meal of the day. Truly, it is the breakfast. It is important because it breaks your night long fast, wherein the body desperately needs food. If, it slowly creates weakness in the body.