One thing which we really compromise with our health is the food we consume in the morning or anytime but an empty stomach. When it comes to eating it’s not a mistake of course, here what we are planning to point out is the food you shouldn’t eat empty stomach. These are the type of foods which you should combine with other foods and then eat, avoid them when you don’t have other things to eat. Here’s a list of food that you have to skip when empty stomach.

1. Yogurt


Yogurt contains Microorganisms which are really your normal flora. Your stomach acid alone cannot manage to digest food, so your normal intestinal bacterium does the work of breaking those particles. Consuming yogurt empty stomach will be useless as the stomach acid will destroy the all the bacterias.

2. Alcohol


There are people who need alcohol or consume it in the morning as soon as they wake up. As soon as the body consumes the alcohol it starts to break it down but a large amount of it directly enters the bloodstream. If you have protein and dense carbohydrates in the gut, it slows the consumption process. Warm beverages are absorbed much faster.

3. Carbonated Beverages


Carbonated Beverages can seriously harm your stomach lining and stop a good blood circulation of oxygen in your stomach. Your stomach releases acid in the morning and instead of having food if you consume these you are just adding more acid to your stomach.

 4. Pears


Pears are rich in crude fiber so the excess of fiber alone for the stomach to consume can irritate the gut lining. You should not eat this empty stomach since these are high in fibers. it’s ideal to eat it with an oatmeal or other grains.

5. Tomatoes


As we know that tomatoes are rich in vitamin C but should be totally avoided when empty stomach. They are rich in acid, tannic acid can play with your stomach acid and make it more acidic.

6. Citrus Fruit


As it may not affect everyone, citrus fruit like grapefruits and oranges can surely make the situation worse if you have swollen lower esophagus. Just like tomatoes, citrus fruits are acidic and can double the acid in your stomach.

7. Sweets


If you are consuming sweets empty stomach it can be soothing for your mouth but not for your gut. Consuming sweets like candies can change your mood, blood sugar level, and many more things. It’s main content glucose which is hard to consume and it’s hard for the pancreas to process them as they will produce too much insulin in your body.

8. Cold Drinks


You must have heard that having warm water in the morning is just perfect for your body but sometimes we gulp down the chilled water as it gives more satisfaction. Consuming iced water may harm your mucous membrane and make your digestion inactive throughout the day.