Who doesn’t love getting tipsy! Leaving out a few people many people around the world love their booze. As far as I know, getting drunk kinda makes you open up, makes you do unthinkable stuff, makes you say things you would never dream to say before and a lot more. Here we have some really drunk fails, where people have done unthinkable stuff which will make you laugh your guts out, read the article to know more…

When drunk you take things a bit too seriously!


It’s a good thing that this guy didn’t play ‘Clash of Clans’, or he might have started a full fledged war by now.

When you try to be too sure about your relationship status!


This guy got so drunk that he temporarily lost his memory and went back hitting on his own girlfriend again!

A true Pokemon fan!


Though the hamster is too small for a Pikachu, you can’t blame the guy when he is this drunk!

Being drunk and racist, it’s just normal, I guess!


Now we know that mushrooms and midgets are not a good combination for a party! There are some more hilarious drunk text fails that you might relate to, read it on the Next Page…

Never get your mom drunk!


If your mom gets drunk, there is a slight chance that she might tell you weren’t exactly the planned one!

There is no place for sweet talks!


When you try to explain in the best possible way, but the fuming alcohol from your body just doesn’t let out  your kind words though! For some more epic drunk fails, read on the Next Page…

God! there is no limit to this guy!


Never seen a guy so drunk that he forgot he is the one who hosted the party!

Staggering towards oblivion!


When you are drunk and staggering your way to oblivion on a text message, there is always one true friend who comes to save you!