These 8 amazing household items will surely remind you of your child hood. Read the article to know what these items are.

8. Shower attachments

Shower attachments are still a thing,  back in the 90s, or the 80s, shower attachments tended to look like enormous catheters.

7. Old tins

You appreciate why your dad kept all those old Quality Street tins, only to fill them with random stuff like nuts, bolts, screws and pliers.

6. Catalogues.

Who can forget grabbing an old Argos catalogue as a kid and flipping immediately to the back section, where all the toys were hidden. It was such a magical time when your mom would ask you to have a look through the catalogue to pick out what you want for your birthday or for Christmas.

5. Animal bookends.

It was a clever way to try and draw us in to reading. It still makes us long for simpler times, when we had the time to be confused by things like animal bookends.

4. Old school landlines.

I can grab the phone, hold it to my ear, grab the base, and walk around with it. If you want to make a long call, it is still best to use a land line, It’s still way clearer than a mobile.

3. Singing novelty fish.

Whoever invented the singing novelty fish, if you are reading this, you are a genius. A troubled genius. Who could have thought that such a ridiculously wacky idea could actually be amusing?

But when I say amusing, I use that word carefully. It does get old after a while. Hearing it once is fine, but there are only so many times I can hear “Rock Around the Clock” and not want to dip my index finger in water and jam it into a plug socket.

2. Ice Lolly Moulds.

Now then, if you want to talk about genius, look no further than the hero that developed this idea. There are some inventions that come along and make us thing “how did we ever live without this?” Examples of inventions that illicit such a response come in the form of things like the microwave, the dishwasher, indoor plumbing, fire, the wheel, mobile phones and George Forman grills.

1. Hi-Fi systems.

Hi-Fi systems were the prototype for the modern day docking station. But they had so much more character about them then modern docking stations do.You had to use CD’s, or if you’re an even finer wine, cassette tapes. None of this shuffling bo****ks. If you put a CD in and sat back to listen, you were making a commitment. If you decided half way through that you wanted to listen to something else, then you were not afforded the luxury of a tiny little remote like we have now for docking stations. Oh no, if you wanted to listen to something else, you had to get up and find another CD. And if you had just gotten comfortable or if you were…in the middle of something…then God help you.
It was truly a decision that separated the men from the boys. Even now, Hi-Fi systems look so much cooler than docking stations. I don’t even think that that’s my longing for the 90s talking, I just think they do. Some things, you just can’t improve on.