8 Important Reasons For Weight Gain Except Laziness and Fastfood

If you sense that you've tried completely everything — dieting, counting calories, exercising for hours, and following meal schedules and you’re still not quite satisfied with the results, don’t give up just yet. In all probability, the reason behind why regardless you're not losing those couple of pounds is is due to something other than your diet and activity levels. We has made a list of reasons why your weight reduction has hit a level.

7. Lack of sleep


Many studies illustrate that there is a connection between putting on weight and lack of sleep. So, individuals who sleep more than 6 hours a day increase 11 more pounds each year than the individuals who sleep at least 7 hours.

8. You don’t chew


Practicing mindful eating is still the best way I’ve found to slow down, eat less, and enjoy my food more. The problem is that it’s really hard to do.