8 Magically Brilliant Harry Potter Die-Hard Creations That Put Us Muggles To Shame

For those of us who are absolutely obsessed with Harry Potter, there have been many times where we wish that we could spend life in the wizarding world. A few people have done quite recently that by making the absolute most astonishing Harry Potter-inspired DIYs, and these tricky people make them believe that they may undoubtedly have magical capacities. So we have listed few die-hard fans of the Harry Potter, who has transformed their homes like Hogwarts.

1. We’re certain this authentic witch utilized a quill and ink to hand paint the first page of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on her wall.


I would be continually attempting to turn the page, just to be reminded it is, in reality, a wall.

2. An actual magician manufactured the Weasley clock to indicate where every member of a family was at a given time.


Trey Bagley utilized his PC code abilities — and no doubt spells — to make this clock to life. Meanwhile, I can’t make sense of how to get my Fitbit to demonstrate the right time.

3. This librarian constructed her own special cupboard under the stairs, totally decked out with everything Potter.


Courtney McCarraher Bonnet changed this space into the coziest small reading niche that influences us to need to curl up and never go out. Click on the next page to see more interesting Harry Potter stuff.

4. This Sorting Hat Candle was made to figure out which Hogwarts House you have a place in, and it must be real witchcraft.


Muggle Library Candles made this flame so it begins with white wax and after that changes shading as it consumes to uncover whether you belong in Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff. Need!

5. This professor directed his inner Dumbledore to change his classroom into Hogwarts Schon.ol of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


Kyle Ely, a professor from Oregon, set himself to work and made a definitive classroom that would make any Potter fan anxious to learn.

How jealous would you be in the event that you were in the classroom beside the one that is essentially Harry Potter IRL?


Likewise, how frantic would the principal be in the event that I tried to smash a trolley through the door? Super frantic? Doing it at anyways. Click on the next page to see kid’s bedroom with Harry Potter theme.

6. These super cool parents are essentially forcing their child to love Harry Potter.


On the off chance that I was ever a child — and I think I was — I would have been super pumped to be brought home to this nursery.

7. This devilish witch or wizard painted the Marauder’s Map on their wardrobe doors.


I’d especially need to state “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” each time I get dressed for a night on the town. It just makes sense.

8. This room has walls shrouded in bewildering paintings that practically transport you to any scene your little heart wants.


Is that Hedwig coming to deliver my letter of acceptance?!