A wedding is a very auspicious occasion for any couple who are getting into a lifelong relationship. All the friends and family members join this occasion to celebrate this amazing moment with the bride and groom. Photos are a must for such occasion, where friends and family take some pictures with the bride and the groom. But there are these hilarious photobomb moments during the photo session that have made our top 10 list of hilarious wedding photobomb moments.

1. Hey there can I join you guys!?


A deep sea dolphin is the last thing on earth, you would expect that would photobomb your most precious moment! It’s like the dolphin has an objection about this wedding!

2. Clicking wedding pictures can get competitive!


A wedding picture becomes really tough to click when there is so much competition for kissing along with the bride and groom. Looking at these going at it, probably they are next in like to getting married!

3. A nude bomb!


One of the worst thing that could ever go wrong while getting the perfect picture, is a nude guy walking around right in the background!

4. Why God why!!


Looks like this little guy wants to get married to, he would say, “Why not me God! Why not me!” You will laugh your guts out when you see the hilarious photos on the Next Page…..

5. Not the kind of irony you were looking for in the background!


One would say this cow and bull just got married, looking forward to their honeymoon and another is already on their way in the background!

6. Now that’s how photobomb!


That’s what happens when you ask your friend to click a photo but only one of them is the maid of honour. Their actions might be justified! For more hilarious pictures read on Next Page……

 That’s my spot!


Looks like the groom is stealing away this bull’s wife. This is probably the most painful photobomb ever.

8. When dad is on duty of taking care of kids!


When your kids photobomb someone else’s wedding and dad comes to the rescue! Kids can be really cute sometimes!