8 Perfect Tweets For Taylor Swift’s New Single

Last Thursday queen of making 2017 worth living dropped another song from her album ‘Reputation’. This song has that love for her new boyfriend whom she has been dating secretly. She recently uploaded a video on Instagram singing this single, and probably the video was taken by Joe. Her fans uploaded several tweets about this single, take a look.

1. Lyrics That Matters


The Twitter user after listening to the song went gaga over the song. They ended up sharing their thoughts about the song.

2. Unconditional Love For The Song


As said in the twitter post, people have like this song so much that they get stuck to the screens whenever they listen to the song.

3. Considering One Good Thing


People consider that they have done something good when they became a fan of Taylor Swift, since the song she released, on her new album, was a just too perfect love song.

4. People Can Totally Relate


The singer has created something that everybody can relate to. Even they have their life surrounded by the love and affection. Each person can relate to these songs.

5. Those Full Of Love Lyrics


People usually listen to the songs that make some sense and have a meaning. The lyrics of the song are too perfect and describes any person’s life who have fallen in love.

6. Relationship Goals For Some


We all know what the song is all about, love is totally in the air. Joe Alwyn has something unique to offer to Tylor Swift that she is really very happy and see a future with him.

7. Some Particular Lines In The Lyrics


Lyrics which says “I want to wear his initials on a chain around my neck, not because he owns me/ but ‘cause he really knows me” where more than enough for people to actually feel the love.

8. Better Than Before


When you feel low and have been through so much these lines are the perfect lyrics you want to hear just to avoid those thoughts wandering here and there.