8 Times When People Had No Idea What They Were Looking At But The Internet Knew Everything

The world is a major place, and some of the time you don’t have every one of the appropriate answers. The web does, however. There’s even a subreddit called “What Is This Thing?” where individuals post photographs when they do not understand what they’re taking a look at and others attempt to recognize it. Can you believe it? A place on the web where you can ask and not be afraid of getting criticized for your ignorance? It’s believable, I know. Here is a list of all those things which people tried to identify but failed and got the answers from the internet.

1. Green Alien Thing On My Band-Aid


When you have no idea what you are dealing with and you post it online just to check if somebody else is aware what is wrong with you or your thing. In this case, you can clearly see those green things are surely sprinkles.

2. Demonic Looking Creature




If you ever come across with a creature and you don’t know exactly what you are dealing with then here is what you’ll do, post it on the internet and get to know what exactly you have in front of you!

3. Old Samsung Pc Keyboard, The Coffee Cup Button


Having those old Samsung keyboards will leave you confused that what these buttons doing on the right-hand side of the keyboard. This guy had a doubt related to the coffee button. What exactly it was used for? to which he got an answer, it was used for activating screen saver.

4. German Man Gave These Little Coats Of Arms


These are the medallions which you can collect if you plan to visit a place and carry those memories home. These are exactly called walking Stick Medallions.

5. When You Find Something Related To Reptiles


Getting those things out of your toaster is really gross and scary at the same time. If at all you find this thing in your home, just make sure you call a snake catcher to your home how will check your house for all these things.

6. What Is That On My Car?


The spookiest thing you can see when you get out of your house and about to board your car. This will surely leave so many people confused and their curiosity will surely take them to the internet for asking what exactly is that thing.

7. The Dots On The Bus Window


You surely have doubts about each and everything you come across in your day to day life and right here is a serious doubt. Have you ever thought of asking somebody what exactly these black dots are used for?

8. Something In Jar Of Carnivorous Plants


How keep carnivorous plants as their pets? But now that this guy has it, he got worried about the thing which was grown in that jar. so finally he got to know what exactly it was from the internet.