8 Tweets For Everyone Still Sobbing After Last Night’s “This Is Us”

Ever wondered what will happen if your favorite TV series, suddenly out of the blue kills your beloved character! What more we would be fine taking the grief but the unexpected reason behind the death has got us all – well totally taken I would say. The famous US sitcom This Is Us’s latest episode last night portrayed the death of the most beloved character Jack and unraveled one more reason behind his tragic and saddening death. The reason of the fire caused due to a Crock-Pot was totally unexpected and has got the viewers crazy and they took twitter by storm. Here is a list of tweets from last night’s This Is Us.



A reason to skip office? Well she really seems sad, aren’t we all? I wish he comes back though!





It might be nothing less than a co-incidence but after watching the show it really states such small things mean a lot in everybody’s life and this guy noted the exact points.




This guy was surely hoping for some soft happy family drama after a good day, unfortunately turns out This Is Us didn’t end his day well.



He wasn’t really ready so were the other fans. Seems we all need a corner to shed those tears. Turn next for more tweets.