8 Easy Ways To Get More Humidity Without A Humidifier

Humidity is very important for your health especially if you have respiratory problems. During the winter months, low humidity at your home can become an issue. Humidity can lead to worsening allergies, dry skin, static electricity and increased susceptibility to colds and flu. Here are tips on how to increase the humidity at your home without needing to buy or running a humidifier.

#8 Get Houseplants


Transpiration is the procedure by which moisture evaporates from the leaves and stems of plants, adding much-needed moistness to the air in your home.

#7 Put Vases In Sunny Places



Keeping Vases filled with water in sunny places inside a home can help you very much. Placing water-filled vases on a sunny window will make the water to get evaporated adding the moisture in the air and increasing the humidity.

#6 Stovetop Cooking


Cooking food on a stove top is a good way to increase the humidity inside a home. Making morning tea in tea kettle releases more humidity in the air than making in a microwave.

#5 Leave The Door Open When Showering


Taking a hot, steamy shower can go a long way in increasing humidity in the air. One can also leave the water to cool off in water tub after a shower this also helps in increasing humidity. Turn to next page for a more useful tips.