9 Celebrity Fights That Changed The Entertainment Industry Forever

Recently, Tyrese Gibson said that he wouldn't like to work with Dwayne Johnson in the Fast and Furious film establishment expressing that Dwayne has been taking every one of the credits. Yet, this isn't the main quarrel that is going ahead in the business. Many stars including Donald Trump, Eminem, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are engaged in a type of chilly wars/battles. A few fights turned out to be serious to the point that it brought about the passing of stars. Indeed, I am discussing the popular East Coast-West Coast competition.

4. Brooke Shields VS Tom Cruise


In the mid-2000s, Tom Cruise made a stunning remark on Brooke Sheilds’ use of antidepressants. He even called her irresponsible for doing this. Brooke reacted to the stunning remarks of Tom Cruise by saying, “I am will take a wild figure and say that Mr. Voyage has never experienced post pregnancy anxiety.”

5. Eminem VS Donald Trump


Eminem is no more odd to fights nor is Donald Trump. Everything began with Eminem’s ‘Crusade Speech’ that was discharged amid the United States’ presidential race in 2016. It is normal that Eminem’s new collection, ‘Recovery’ will likewise have tracks targetting Trump recently as he did with George Bush in 2004.


6. Katy Perry VS Taylor Swift


This quarrel started in 2013 over a few artists that showed up in Katy Perry and Taylor Swift’s shows. After that in 2014, Taylor Swift said that the tune ‘Bad Blood’ was about a female pop star. She stated, “She would come up to me at grants shows and say something and leave. She was left thinking” Are we friends or she insulted me?