9 Frightening Wiki Pages You Should Totally Avoid Visiting For Your Own Good

We have all relied on Wikipedia at least once a while, and we surely would agree that it has helped us a lot. Be it our tedious school projects or any  curiosity we wanted to get rid of. Wiki has been out go to friend when in need. But a flip side to providing dozens of informative article is the restricted dark alley you are advised to never walk down on. To help you beware we have created a sorted list of 10 scary sites that are frightening enough, you are advised to never visit. Read the article to know more.

#9. The Black Dahlia.


The famous Black Dahlia is the original  Elizabeth Short . In 1947, Elizabeth was murdered and due to nature and the intrigue surrounding the murder, the page has gained popularity. It is one of the most famous unsolved murder mystery of America.

Her Body Was Discovered In The Most Awful Manner



Short’s body was found in two pieces and was completely drained of blood when it was discovered on January 15, 1947. It was also mistaken for a mannequin once! The crime mystery is totally described on wiki and it sure sends chills down our spine.

#8. Overtoun Bridge.


This mystery bridge in Scotland  has been one of the haunted and strange bridges. The reason behind is so wacky thet you won’t believe it. The bridge saw an unusually high number of suicides dogs which is pretty rare. Till date, it is difficult to know why did dogs leap off the bridge.

#7. Scaphism.


Scaphism is an ancient torture technique which involves a lot of things; one of which is stripping the victim naked and attaching them to two boats. The wiki page has totally explained this in detail and we would seriously warn you to never visit it. Read more about scaphism and more pages on next page.