9+ People Who Doing Insanly Funny Stuff!!

As per clinicians, most capricious individuals acting in a "crazy way" are optimistic and imaginative, and their activities are inspired by their readiness to challenge and investigate the world. On the off chance that you don't see a quick importance behind somebody's activities, its best to simply snicker at it. This is the correct reason for the rundown beneath.

1. “You don’t believe I’m on sick leave? I have photo proof!”

When boss says I don’t believe you are unwell and asks you to send a proof and this is what extra ordinary people do.

2. When you don’t have headphones and your parents ask you to keep the volume low:


When parents keep on telling you do’s and don’ts and you have creative ways to ignore the yelling.

3. A convenient place to store your soda


When your pockets are already full there is always a option number two.

4. A new babysitter is definitely wanted.

When nothing else is important than your fluffy pet. The pet is cute enough to be carried like a baby.

5. When you have a costume party at work:

Though costume party was mandatory in the office there are work deadlines too.

6. Kitty bolognese

This cute little kitty is always hungry and wants everything that the owner eats. Its adorable though!

7. HaHa! Isn’t This Funny!?


This man is armed and very dangerous.

 8. The Monster Or a Man!?


Creative haircuts require dedication. Worried if someone might just get scared in dark.

9. Dad of the year

When you have too many naughty kids to handle at once and gym is important too.

10. “Will I fit?”

Grown up but the kid is still alive.