9 Signs You Should End the Relationship

We have 9 characteristics of a dead-end relationship. If you can relate to any of these, end it as soon as possible.

When it comes to relationships, there’s no golden rule or guidebook to follow. No one can help you choose between being together, being yourself, being the victim, or being happy. It’s only you who can decide whether to end a relationship or fight for it.

We have found these 9 characteristics of a dead-end relationship. If you can relate to any of these, end it as soon as possible.

1. You’re unhappy in your relationship.


If you frequently feel troubled, awkward, pushed, or even burdened, it’s the first and most imperative sign you’re in a dangerous deadlock relationship.

2. You can’t act naturally when you’re with your partner.



When you’re with the “right” person you don’t need to fake anything: you can act naturally. You can be silly and awkward and not feel guilty about it. When you’re as one you carry on actually, as though you were distant from everyone else.