9 Struggling Tweets By Single People Proving It’s Real

Being single can be an awful experience. On one hand, you have a wide range of extra time, on the other, you have nobody to invest said free energy with. At that point you see so many couples passing by you, rubbing their happiness in your face. It’s extremely not perfect, some of the times. Here are 10 tweets that impeccably demonstrate the horrible side of being single.

1. Dogs count


When you have dogs with you, nobody can tell you that you are alone. They always remain by our side and keep us busy all the time. Dogs are out significant other.

2. Mutual hate is mutual love



Meeting someone who is actually like you and can relate to thoughts without even telling. You must have heard ‘Birds of same feather flock together’.

3. Everyone needs someone to help shoulder the burden


Sometimes you just need someone who can take that burden off your shoulders of the household, even if that household has only you in it.

4. It sucks to cry alone


On Valentine’s day you cook for two people, breakfast in bed, have lots of chocolates, watch movies but regret eating everything alone and cry in the end. Click next for more.