A football loving parrot could well be Northern Ireland’s biggest and loudest fan – but he’s been banned from all the games. Read the article to know him and why he is banned from the games.

Kelo the African Grey parrot


is the team’s newest charm and has been entertaining football fans on social media with his chants for his favorite team.

Owner Linda Corry


Linda from Belfast said the 3-year-old parrot had picked up on the chants from the family who are avid Northern Ireland fans.

Linda said


“It has all just developed from talking to him at home and us coming back from matches, he has picked things up,” she said. “We are big-time Northern Ireland fans and would go to the matches and he just hears us singing, he is very good at picking things up.”

Kelo can’t attend the matches. Why?


Kelo can’t go to the games because of his health and safety reasons. He was invited to Northern Ireland’s World Cup qualifier against Germany but was later told by organizers that he wouldn’t be allowed into Windsor Park.

An unofficial charm for Northern Ireland


Linda called him a geg, parrot entertain her all day b talking to her and says all different things, he is fantastic.

Kelo is a family member


In the morning when Linda’s kids open his cage he goes upstairs and tap on the bedroom door and get into bed with Linda.

An African Grey


Kelo is a very entertaining part of Linda’s family. African Greys are very smart and Kelo will huff as well, Linda says if she goes away for the day the next day he will not come to her hand.

A huffy boy, Kelo.


The family is now getting used to Kelo’s new found fame and are glad the rest of the country can enjoy his quirks.