A Teenage Girl Killed Her Mom Then Writes Chilling Facebook Post

When I look around at kids today, my mind is blown. On one hand, I've viewed a four-year-old handle an iPad better than my dad. They've grown up with this innovation and adapted to it, finding out about it snappier than some other age. They approach all data immediately accessible. In the meantime, they are also getting nonsensitive and mentally disturbed in the modern life. Here is a shocking story of one, A teenager shot her own mother in the head and then torched the family home in a bid to conceal her crime, cops claim.

They set home on fire!


On 8th July’s morning, they set the house on fire to destroy the evidence. Anna then went to her dad’s home and Rachel backpedaled to her family in close-by Rock Falls. Somehow the fire was immediately smothered after an off-duty firefighter kicked down the door.

She admitted everything.


Rachel at that point disclosed to her mom what had occurred after she was overcome with guilt and the two cops went to her house. Anna was caught at her father’s home and later admitted everything. Read her chilling facebook she posted after killing her mommy, click on the next page.