Hopes Of Glorifying Clouds Over AC Milan Are Not Much Far Away.. Or Is It Just An Illusion Of Fate. As AC Milan swings to climb from a low frame graph towards its FAME.

When Leonardo Bonucci was in a Heat with COACH


Bonucci and coach Massimiliano Allegri were involved in a heated exchange towards the end of a Series ‘A ‘ match with Palermo .

Fabio Borini ‘Move’ cause, causes a SHOCK


Fabio Borini has completed his move to AC Milan from Sunderland on loan with an obligation to purchase. For far the player has signed the “new deal”.

The Clashing Heat


Two competitors for their ‘Title-ship’ in a dodge war. Can Milan overpower its tag-of-war battle with Juventus..? Roma and Napoli have always been on the ‘rival’ war for their team.

‘Social Maintenance’ for Vincenzo Montella of AC Milan


A team firstly needs to have stability, in terms of who is a first-choice and who is a second choice in  UEFA Europa League. As he promises to re-vital the broken where bouts.

A Turkish & semi-German Player in the ‘AC Milan’ tries to find a way out.


Hakan Calhanoglu of AC Milan age (23) who plays as an attacking midfielder for Milan, tries to lift up the ladder of AC Milan to keep the steps running.

Days turning BLACK for the AC Milan’s, may be not that good, but hopes are ALIVE.


AC Milan ruled in the 1990s with several of the world’s biggest stars, says going through test of fire makes them more concreted for their ‘new coming’.

When the KINGS were Sold from Milan


Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Thiago Silva and Mario Balotelli have all been sold on from AC Milan. Leaving AC Milan in darkness, hoping to come back is all that Milan can have now.

Silvio Berlusconi is running out of Cash to grip his Best Players of AC Milan


Berlusconi is the controller & shareholder who owes the Italian football club A.C. Milan from 1986 to 2017, financially stitching the ends of the club to get the club reformed again.