US President Donald Trump on Thursday, during a meeting with lawmakers, questioned why the United States would want to have immigrants from Haiti and African nations. While discussing immigration with lawmakers in the Oval Office on Thursday, Trump asked why people from “shithole countries come here” referring to immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations. After the comment made by Trump, the African countries replied in the following way. Keep reading to know about the following.

Trump’s Comment About The African Nation


During the meeting, President Donald Trump was partially frustrated with the lawmaker of United State according to a source family in the meeting. President Trump frustrated on Thursday referred to Haiti and African nations as “shithole countries” during a meeting with a bipartisan group of senators at the White House.

White House Spokesperson Did Not Deny The Use Of The Word


After the Meeting of the lawmakers which were conducted for the immigration. The White House spokesperson did not deny that President Trump used the word “shithole.” Although Trump insisted that was “not the language used” in a confusing Twitter rant on Friday.

The President’s remarks angered several countries


The comment made by the president on Thursday has angered several countries making question President Trump’s  intention and his morality and also his view of black people. A lot of African countries have also issued strongly worded statements condemning his comment.



The government of Botswana asked the US government to clarify if Botswana was regarded as a “shithole country” and called his comments “irresponsible, reprehensible and racist.” the Botswana government said in a statement condemning his remarks. Turn to next page to know about the statement issued by the other countries

El Salvador


The government of El Salvador issued a ‘letter of protest’ to the US government over Trump’s remarks, demanding regard for its nationals and taking note of their commitment in remaking the Pentagon after 9/11 and in the reconstruction of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

South Africa


The South African ruling party issued a statement and also tweet is which the criticize the statement that was mentioned by the trump. The statement from its deputy secretary general was issued, saying, “It’s offensive for President Trump to make derogatory statements about countries that do not share policy positions with the US.” Turn to next page to know what other country said.



The president of Senegal said in a tweet that he was “shocked” by Trump’s comments about Haiti and African nations. “I reject them and condemn them vigorously. Africa and the black race deserves the respect and consideration of all.”

The African Union


The African Union mission to the US discharged an announcement “to express its infuriation, disillusionment and shock” at the president’s comments. Notwithstanding communicating their “shock, dismay and outrage,” they said the Trump organization has a “huge misunderstanding of the African continent and its people.”