Admit it everyone hates all the typical stereotypes don’t you? Here we have 10 of the most annoying Scottish stereotypes that Scottish people hate the most. Read the article ti know what they are.

1.The incomprehensible yokel.

You would dependably discover these sort of characters in any American film, talking all junk that bears no connection to Scots. They wear tweed coats, have antiquated muttonchop sideburns, and have names like Jocky McJockface.

2. The stern, uncompromising authority figure

In the event that you would see this ostensibly strict character dependably ends up having a mystery delicate side, which you can access by either a) being chivalrous or b) giving them whisky. By chance, it’s a lawful necessity that these characters must be played by Dame Maggie Smith.

3. The foam-flecked, scary rageaholic.

This is a standout amongst the most precise generalisations, to be completely forthright. Rageaholics are more often than not to be discovered either harassing English individuals in the most elevated echelons of government or functioning as P.E. instructors.

4. The creepy-ass pagan

99% of Scottish islanders move around naked alongside stone circles, before setting flame to guiltless policemen. This is supreme junk: it’s constantly excessively chilly to move around naked in Scotland.

5. The troubled brooding detective.

More than 72% of every Scottish me on British TV. The criminologists are generally drunkards as well as sleep deprived people, never shower, have four-day-old stubble, and an unerring capacity to discover hoodlums in spite of having a skull-desensitizing aftereffect.

6. The raging patriot.

William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, or infrequently an alternate misjudged chronicled character painted blue and shrouded in blood. One thing’s without a doubt: over the span of the film they’ll definitely demonstrate their bum to somebody.

7. The literal monster.

An astounding number of gigantic motion picture characters have a Scottish inflection. They’re generally either insidious, arm confronted squid-privateer half and halves, or Shreks.

8. The wise old sage.

The character lives alone in a grand give in and administers helpful intelligence to saints while doing other worldly agnostic customs.

9. The tight-fisted old codger.

Everything you need is money.

10. The feisty young lassie.

It’s a decide that all youthful Scottish female characters have to a) be better than average at battling b) not take any poo from anybody, and c) have red hair. Since all Scottish ladies are ginger and like punching and shooting individuals, obviously.