Airline Worker Delivered A Cancer Patient’s Lost Luggage In Personal

This is a story of a chemotherapy patient named Stacy Hurt as she was heading into Pittsburgh which is located in Pennsylvania in the United States, but unfortunately the changing of flights where it meant that her luggage has been caught a different plane & as she would be landed to her destination. Let's See what happened.

Stacy was on the way for her chemotherapy appointment.


Hurt 46, had flown from Nashville to Pittsburgh and had changed her reservation to a direct flight so she could make her monthly chemotherapy appointment. The Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, native was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in 2014 and has to stay on maintenance chemo indefinitely.

Her luggage was Rerauted because of Mechanical issues.


Her luggage, however, was still on its connecting flight and rerouted back to Nashville due to mechanical issues. ‘I sort of panicked,’ Hurt said to Reporters. ‘I said, “I need that luggage. It has a lot of items I need for chemotherapy tomorrow.”‘