Airline Worker Delivered A Cancer Patient’s Lost Luggage In Personal

This is a story of a chemotherapy patient named Stacy Hurt as she was heading into Pittsburgh which is located in Pennsylvania in the United States, but unfortunately the changing of flights where it meant that her luggage has been caught a different plane & as she would be landed to her destination. Let's See what happened.

She was panicking because the bag contained medication that helps her with the side effects of chemo for her colon cancer.


It also had sentimental items like a rosary and a lucky T-shirt that she planned to take to her next appointment.The 27-year-old customer service rep had just been working with Southwest for six months, and quickly identified Hurt as patient even with the urgency in her voice.

‘She was just as sweet as can be,’ Rowan said.


‘Things that are out of their control can be frustrating for people, but for someone who is going through so much to be so patient and kind towards us, I appreciated it so much.’