Airline Worker Delivered A Cancer Patient’s Lost Luggage In Personal

This is a story of a chemotherapy patient named Stacy Hurt as she was heading into Pittsburgh which is located in Pennsylvania in the United States, but unfortunately the changing of flights where it meant that her luggage has been caught a different plane & as she would be landed to her destination. Let's See what happened.

Rowan was at work, still…


Rowan assured Hurt that she would keep her updated on the luggage and she was aware that if the piece did not come before 1.30am, it would miss the last courier and not reach Hurt until after her appointment at 9am. The bag arrived around 2 am, right as Rowan had finished her shift.

Sarah Rowan said: ‘I looked up her address to see how far away she lived and she lived about 20 minutes away.


‘So in my head, me getting home a little bit later was less important than her getting the bag she needed for her chemotherapy treatment.’